Window Cleaning

Put the Windex down, step away from the spray-on-hose-off snake oils, we’ve got this.

For windows so clear, your goin’ to try n walk through them.

A bit about our methods:

Traditional squeegee

You won’t find any of that spray and wipe nonsense here, all our staff are fully trained in the art of “you guys make it look so easy” squeegeeing.

But our professionalism doesn’t stop there, we insist that we take our boots off in your home, and our detailing cloths will ensure your carpet stays as spot free as your windows. After all, we’re here so you have less work to do, not more πŸ™‚

Pure water pole

Ever wondered why simply hosing your windows, or even the “streak free” formulas you get, still aren’t spot free? Well that’s partly because no matter how good a detergent you’re using is, one simple fact remains – your water, is dirty.

DIRTY you may say? I drink that!! Well don’t get too concerned, all water, be it bottled or tapΒ  (even after going through your drinking filter) has dissolved solids, or minerals in it.

Our filters use de-ionising resin (chemistry witchcraft and sorcery πŸ˜‰ ) to attract and trap dissolved solids at a molecular level. The Result? 100% pure water. So pure in fact, that its not healthy to drink it as it will actually take minerals out of your body.

What does this mean for your glass?

Well, it seems architects have a seething underlying hatred for us window cleaners. They are constantly putting windows in harder to reach spots! With our 13m poles, job specific brushes, and the cleaning power of pure water, this is no issue for us! – Take that, architects 😎

What about our fly screens?

As mentioned, we’re here to give you less work. So leave them to us, we remove them, brush them off, and replace free of charge. If you’d prefer them to be scrubbed and washed that’s fine too. But we do have small extra charge to cover the costs and extra time involved.

Can you clean my tracks?

In a word, YES. Again, for a small extra charge, we can dry brush and vacuum out all your tracks, getting the dead bugs and dust out of there. This is enough to make 99% of them look great again, but we understand some may be exceptionally dirty and need a detailed clean, however you will likely find that it’s more economical to get your cleaner to look after that side of things if necessary.